Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Beautiful yellow, red-tipped roses on my dining room table for us all to enjoy…

How often do you stop to smell the flowers? As for me, I love to do it as much as I can. I was picking up some groceries at Safeway a few days ago and saw a woman pulling a bouquet much like this one out of a bucket in the floral department. Immediately I thought to pick one up too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the buckets bursting with roses. A variety of colors to choose from. Ah! I picked the yellow bunch to celebrate the first day of summer, they remind me of the sun. A bonus was they were 5 bucks for the bunch!

I learned early on on my journey of personal growth that I could no longer sit around and wait for a special occasion, or to be gifted with flowers to enjoy them. That I would have to make an effort to go out, find them, and bring them into my home. My husband didn’t understand at first. He thought he was in trouble, doing something wrong by not being the one picking up the flowers and bringing them home. I let him know it was part of my personal growth journey to pick them up, and to enjoy them just because. And so it went.

So far, it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It’s always a delight to have fresh flowers sitting on the table. A lot happens on that table besides eating a meal. Before my boys grew up and had desks in their bedrooms, that’s where their homework was done. It’s also a place where bills pile up and get paid, stuff from shopping trips accumulates before it’s final destination, and where I sit and write often times. It’s a place where we gather, and sit solo at times.

This weekend I’ve made a concerted effort to stop, smell and admire the flowers each time I pass the table. It’s brought me joy to watch them bloom, and to smell their delicate aroma. It’s been a reminder to slow down, center, and stop to smell the flowers. To enjoy the gift of the present moment in my life.

Con cariño,


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