It’s Summer!

Happy Summer! It’s hard to sit still on this bright, sunny day. We’re reaching low 100’s temps in my neck of the desert 🌞. How about you?

I woke to watch the sunrise with my pup. As always I couldn’t help but feel grateful for a new day, a new season, a new beginning!!! Ah! This season I hope to see personal growth from the seeds I planted in the spring. I hope to be a blessing to someone, especially myself.

In a few days I’m packing up my bags and traveling solo for a bit of an adventure. I can hardly wait! Yesterday I treated myself on a leisurely shopping trip, and found the cutest pair of shorts to wear. I love the feeling of finding a perfect fit. They’re super cute, and out of my comfort zone. That’s why I picked them. They aren’t shorty shorts, no no no, but they are distressed in all the right places if you know what I mean. Ha!

I gained 15 lbs due to emotional, stress eating in the past 9 months. Rather than stress about and overthink the issue around my weight, I’ve decided life is too short to waste it on being critical of myself. I will not deprive myself having some fun! I am making an effort to change my eating habits indeed, my goal however, is to enjoy my life.

My son and I will be hitting the movie theater this afternoon. We haven’t quite settled on what to watch, but really I am just looking forward to spending some relaxed time with him. What are your plans? How will you be celebrating the solstice?

I wish you all a happy and healthy day!



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