Not All Days Are Created Equal

Most mornings I wake up and set a goal or intention for the day. Some days I feel motivated to accomplish my goal, other days I don’t. Today I felt, meh. I watched the sunrise with my puppy, and thought about going back to bed at first chance. That was not the case however. I shuffled my son around to football practice, and friend get-togethers all before noon. I had personal obligations to fulfill as well. The day is somewhat of a blur now, although I did accomplish a whole lot. I made a promise to show up on my blog at least daily this month, so here I am. That’s big! I could’ve thrown in the towel. I’m not a big fan of that saying. It sounds depressing.

This evening I sat on the couch with my puppy, and soaked up his sweetness. I pet his soft coat. Loved on his jowls, and treasured the sounds of his adorable snorts. If you already guessed, he’s a pug. The cutest one I’ve seen! I say that about all dogs.

I hope you had a good day too.

Sleep tight, amigos.

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