It’s June. Only 21 days till summer. Yeah! I love the summer for many reasons. June in particular has a special place in my heart. It was my dads birthday and is my anniversary month. I married my husband in 2003, so if I’m doing my math right we’ve almost been married for 16 years. A lot has changed during the course of our marriage. We had a six year old son, and all four of our parents. When we married that is. Since then we’ve been blessed with another son, and have said goodbye to three of our four parents.

I really had no sense of the roller coaster ride of married life when I entered the sacred bonds of marriage. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. I’ve gone to bed angry many nights, at times in a rage, and some as light as a feather. I told you all I’d be keeping it real, so I am. You know that old saying, “never go to bed angry”, well that my dear friends, has not been me. I’ve gone to bed angry because I’ve been in fear. Frustrated because so much has been out of my control. It’s taken a toll on me, so here I am writing about it and sharing with all of you in hopes that if you identify with me, you don’t feel alone.

I’ve wasted precious time on comparing myself to happy couples & families only to realize we all have a purpose to fulfill in our lives. Mine is overcoming fear, and learning how to love myself and others unconditionally. This summer I plan on visiting the lake as often as I feel drawn. Packing picnics is one of my favorite things to do, so I’ll be doing that to. I’ll be trying new recipes and enjoying as much of the seasons’ bounty as I can fit. I look forward to exploring, and creating new memories. I hope you do to.

Con amor,


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