Traveling/Hospitality Ettiquette

Hello Amigas/os,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer thus far. It’s already July, and tomorrow is our nation’s birthday here in the United States. Happy 4th! 💙❤️🎆🎇🇺🇸

I have a few things I want to say as this may be the busiest time of travel where you are…

First, if you work in hospitality, please be on your game with all guests who come into your establishment. If you are easily frustrated/annoyed by people asking questions and having special requests, a career in hospitality may not be the best fit for you. There are many jobs out there in which you may be best suited to serve others.

Second, if you are the traveler, and you receive good service, please tip well. This is not a time to be stingy. If you’re on vacation, you may as well splurge. Right?! It makes a big difference in attitudes across the board. Smiles instantly light up the room. People working in the service industry suddenly feel appreciated rather than being stepped on like a doormat.

I grew up in a working class home, with parents who worked in the service industry, and let me tell you–they’d be SO happy at the end of the day when people were kind and generous to them. It’s hard work to muster up the energy to go work at a place where we are underpaid because we may not have a “higher education”. Not having a college or even high school education for that matter, does not say anything about who we are as individuals.

Be respectful and you will be respected. Put a smile on your face, and someone will smile back. Let’s be mindful of creating a safe space everywhere we go.

Con mucho cariño,


Stopping To Smell The Flowers

Beautiful yellow, red-tipped roses on my dining room table for us all to enjoy…

How often do you stop to smell the flowers? As for me, I love to do it as much as I can. I was picking up some groceries at Safeway a few days ago and saw a woman pulling a bouquet much like this one out of a bucket in the floral department. Immediately I thought to pick one up too. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the buckets bursting with roses. A variety of colors to choose from. Ah! I picked the yellow bunch to celebrate the first day of summer, they remind me of the sun. A bonus was they were 5 bucks for the bunch!

I learned early on on my journey of personal growth that I could no longer sit around and wait for a special occasion, or to be gifted with flowers to enjoy them. That I would have to make an effort to go out, find them, and bring them into my home. My husband didn’t understand at first. He thought he was in trouble, doing something wrong by not being the one picking up the flowers and bringing them home. I let him know it was part of my personal growth journey to pick them up, and to enjoy them just because. And so it went.

So far, it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It’s always a delight to have fresh flowers sitting on the table. A lot happens on that table besides eating a meal. Before my boys grew up and had desks in their bedrooms, that’s where their homework was done. It’s also a place where bills pile up and get paid, stuff from shopping trips accumulates before it’s final destination, and where I sit and write often times. It’s a place where we gather, and sit solo at times.

This weekend I’ve made a concerted effort to stop, smell and admire the flowers each time I pass the table. It’s brought me joy to watch them bloom, and to smell their delicate aroma. It’s been a reminder to slow down, center, and stop to smell the flowers. To enjoy the gift of the present moment in my life.

Con cariño,


It’s Summer!

Happy Summer! It’s hard to sit still on this bright, sunny day. We’re reaching low 100’s temps in my neck of the desert 🌞. How about you?

I woke to watch the sunrise with my pup. As always I couldn’t help but feel grateful for a new day, a new season, a new beginning!!! Ah! This season I hope to see personal growth from the seeds I planted in the spring. I hope to be a blessing to someone, especially myself.

In a few days I’m packing up my bags and traveling solo for a bit of an adventure. I can hardly wait! Yesterday I treated myself on a leisurely shopping trip, and found the cutest pair of shorts to wear. I love the feeling of finding a perfect fit. They’re super cute, and out of my comfort zone. That’s why I picked them. They aren’t shorty shorts, no no no, but they are distressed in all the right places if you know what I mean. Ha!

I gained 15 lbs due to emotional, stress eating in the past 9 months. Rather than stress about and overthink the issue around my weight, I’ve decided life is too short to waste it on being critical of myself. I will not deprive myself having some fun! I am making an effort to change my eating habits indeed, my goal however, is to enjoy my life.

My son and I will be hitting the movie theater this afternoon. We haven’t quite settled on what to watch, but really I am just looking forward to spending some relaxed time with him. What are your plans? How will you be celebrating the solstice?

I wish you all a happy and healthy day!



Life Happens

It’s Sunday and I’m feeling guilty for not blogging since last Tuesday. Sigh. Life happens! I started going down the rabbit hole on Wednesday, a combination of hormones and sadness. I decided it was best to rest and let me tell you, rest is best. Oh goodness do I know how to rest! Resting is not a problem for me. I love to daydream, watch movies, and eat. Downside is, I don’t get much done. Anyhow, I did travel a bit. I got away to an old western town nearby. It’s a beautiful place. An artists haven. Healthy food and vibes everywhere you go. I indulged a bit. Ok, A LOT! It felt so good…

Today we took our puppy to his first playdate. Boy oh boy was that CUTE! We felt anxious on the way, wondering if he’d fair well with the other pups. Much to our surprise, he hit it off with a sweet girl right off the bat. She seemed a bit timid at first, but warmed up shortly thereafter. We took advantage of the free time and treated ourselves to a warm lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant nearby. I ate Pho, it was so fresh! I’ve secretly wondered if the cooks cook that way at home for their wives. If they do, that’s pretty special. LOL!

I seem to be coming out of my funk now. I believe it’s all a part of life. My life. Having my ups and downs on this never ending roller coaster ride. Fun! Not always, but ever so grateful for the adventure. What do you do if ever in a funk? How do you cope? Please share. I’d love to hear all about it.



Not All Days Are Created Equal

Most mornings I wake up and set a goal or intention for the day. Some days I feel motivated to accomplish my goal, other days I don’t. Today I felt, meh. I watched the sunrise with my puppy, and thought about going back to bed at first chance. That was not the case however. I shuffled my son around to football practice, and friend get-togethers all before noon. I had personal obligations to fulfill as well. The day is somewhat of a blur now, although I did accomplish a whole lot. I made a promise to show up on my blog at least daily this month, so here I am. That’s big! I could’ve thrown in the towel. I’m not a big fan of that saying. It sounds depressing.

This evening I sat on the couch with my puppy, and soaked up his sweetness. I pet his soft coat. Loved on his jowls, and treasured the sounds of his adorable snorts. If you already guessed, he’s a pug. The cutest one I’ve seen! I say that about all dogs.

I hope you had a good day too.

Sleep tight, amigos.

Silence Is Not Always Deadly

I struggle with meditation. Silencing my mind. This afternoon I stood at my kitchen sink catching up on the endless flow of dishes we dirty in our home. Dishwashing is one of my preferred chores because I find it relaxing, like meditation. There’s something about playing in the water, and enjoying the fragrant aromas of dish soap. Most often I receive downloads of inspiration, or clarity on situations in my life. Today I felt a sudden silence.

“What’s the puppy doing?!” I thought.

I turned around, and there he was lying on his belly with his adorable paws sticking out past his face on the carpet nearby. What a relief I felt! Silence with a puppy has been unpredictable. I must admit however, it has been the greatest blessing having his silence in our home.